Developing Light Clean Accessible Scalable & Semantic Websites/Applications that work is the website of Parvez Ansari who is an Experienced Freelance Front End Developer and Web Designer from Mumbai, India. more...

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Front End Engineering (Part I)

Spreading the Love of Div based Layouts. Front End Engineers are in demand. The profession has evolved to such a point that Front End Engineers are now essential to the success of any web site. Front End Engineers are a must have for any web site aiming to be the very best it can be.More ...


Web Site Design

Maseera Consulting Services (Website Design Company from India) develops smart and appealing website design which attracts viewers and effectively convey your message so that you get results. More ...

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Parvez has great communication and problem solving skills. His attention to detail allows him to produce fantastic results. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Brad Dolbel